Organizational Platform for Online Use

My Role: Platform Creator, Strategist 
Designer: Tatjana Petkovic

— We are constantly bombarded by information online, and it is really easy to get distracted and unmotivated.

Insight — Like organizing a room, people want a way to organize their time online. Less clutter makes us happier.

Execution — A google extension designed to declutter your time online. By filtering your browser into three modes of flow (work, research, and discover), Thinkle uses data and principles of design to create a transparent and productive experience for a user.

Collaborating with a graphic designer, I art directed thinkle’s logo concept, the idea of highlighting important information. The typeface was chosen to appear friendly and approachable, while the “e” was customized to be more sleek and professional. 

Customer Marketing Plan

I created an on-going marketing plan and pitch deck to detail how Thinkle can be implemented and executed.  

Using Format