The Real World

Ryerson University, Digital Media Master Program
Yeates School of Graduate Studies

My Role: Concept Development, Motion Graphics
Graphic Designer: Tatjana Petkovic
Web Designer: Shelly-Ginelle Sicat
Photographer: Jemel May

I wrote the concept for my graduate showcase, titled “The Real World.”The challenge was finding an idea that could umbrella 29 projects, working within different disciplines, into one theme. Considering the innovative nature of art, technology, and design, I wrote out the phrase: “To define the real world is to acknowledge the absence of one.”


“To define the real world is to acknowledge the absence of one.”

Our interactions with technology are at a constant evolution, and as we progress, technology continues to seek the personalized and intimate. We live in a period where our digital paths are traced to create digital interfaces, reflecting more of ourselves then we could ever imagine. 

While we can still differentiate between the screen and real life, we must further consider how the growing integration of technology influences our daily lives. Our virtual world affects our physical world, shaping the thoughts, dreams, and goals of our society and culture. As a cohort, this is the challenge that we have set forth. By merging art, business, and technology, how do we use our passions to positively shape the “real world” around us?

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