Chalks x Luke Smit Tease

Music Video

My Role: Co-Direction, Filming, Editing, and
Co-Art Direction

Additional Collaborators: Jess Noriega, Tyler Burke

I co-directed, co-filmed and edited a music video called Tease for Montreal based artist Chalks and Calgary based artist Luke Smit.

Problem — Representing both musicians through a visual narrative that relates to their personal brand and lyrics.

Solution — Researching visual motifs and music videos that reflect the tone of the lyrics. The concept was to depict a heroine empowered by her sexuality who finds like-minded individuals to redefine her reality.

Before shooting, I found images from music videos and films which resonated with the tone that I was trying to create. Having no budget and only a few hours to film, we broke the narrative into four distinct parts, and roughly mapped how the journey would be portrayed.

Using Format