CBC Newsnav App

Wireframe Prototype

Client: CBC

My Role: Content Strategist, Co-Project Manager

Problem — It is hard to quickly access personalized news content.

Insight — By letting the user answer questions about their own news consumption habits, we deliver a newsfeed tailored for them, in the format (length, media, infographics) they like best. We found a blank space for CBC by learning that other social newsfeeds do not cater to format preferences easily.

Execution — We created an app prototype that delivers a fun four question quiz, specifically targeted to retrieve news consumption habits quickly. Once answers are aggregated, the user receives a newsfeed with articles and media content personalized to their viewing preference.

As a team, we used design-thinking strategy to systematically revise and innovate our product. We gathered on-going insight from the Canadian community to see how their newsfeed could be more tailored, but also promote transparency. After enough iterations, we created a business model to structure our prototype as a service product. 

Lean Canvas model for NewsNavapp.

Using Format